Fresno Audubon Society | Radley Reep
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Radley Reep


Radley Reep


Radley Reep joined the National Audubon Society in 1991. He favors birding the San Joaquin Valley. Every three months for the past 12 years, he has conducted a dawn-to-dusk species inventory at Lost Lake Park near Friant. Rad has long been involved with issues concerning the San Joaquin River – public use, large-scale private development and mine reclamation.

He has done research, provided public comments and helped challenge some rather legendary local land-use proposals, including Ball Ranch, the Rio Mesa Area Plan, Friant Ranch and a raft of surface mining projects. He is currently coordinating an all-volunteer effort to help Fresno County operate and maintain Lost Lake Park. He is a retired teacher with an interest in mathematics and expository writing. He knows for a fact that inquisitive, caring citizen scientists can perform quality analyses and that their collective common-sense often outshines the findings of so-called experts. He asserts that societal systems are just this side of barking mad, and he has the greatest respect for those who try to make then sensible. Rad says he’s an optimistic pessimist who lives by the adage “Learn through observation and teach by example.”