Field Trips

Fresno Audubon Field Trips Information

FIELD TRIP GUIDELINES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ⏤ Fresno Audubon Society is offering field trips during the now-endemic COVID-19, subject to the following rules. With the continuing risks of exposure and potential illness,  everyone must determine their own level of risk aversion. The CDC has recommended that masks should be optional when outdoors. It has been shown that a well-fitting N95 mask protects the wearer for several hours from an infectious dose of virus, so anyone concerned about exposure can choose to wear a mask near others if they feel at risk. Following are our current guidelines for our field trips.

  1. Participants must pre-register individually using the FAS event registration system.
  2. Participants must self-screen their own temperature before the outing and must not attend if they are feverish.
  3. Participants must consent to Fresno Audubon Society’s Liability Waiver by pre-registering.
  4. Social distancing is encouraged.
  5. Masks are not required, but participants are encouraged to wear a mask whenever they feel the need.
  6. We will not be sponsoring car pools but participants may form their own car pools.
  7. Participants must contact their trip leader should they test positive for COVID-19 within three days following the outing.

GENERAL INFORMATION – The Fresno Audubon Society hosts field trips from September through June where we see many of the nearly 375 bird species reported in our area. The field trips go to birding hotspots around Fresno and Madera Counties and sometimes further afield (e.g., Merced National Wildlife Refuge). We welcome birders of all ages and levels from beginner to expert. There is no charge for these trips, but we do ask attendees to register for the trip and sign a liability waiver to participate.  A list of all upcoming field trips can be found on our Event Calendar.

WHAT TO BRING – You should bring binoculars if you have them. We usually have spare binoculars to loan if you don’t. If you have a spotting scope it can be very useful for study of birds at long distance. Always bring drinking water and sun protection. A hat is recommended. A sack lunch is also recommended.

APPROPRIATE ATTIRE – When preparing for the trip be sure to consider the weather forecast. Footwear suitable for walking is essential, but we do not venture off paths so hiking boots are not usually required. Remember that the temperature can change dramatically throughout the day so wear layers. If inclement weather is forecast the leader may choose to cancel the trip. In this case an email will be sent to our mailing list and the event will be updated in the calendar, so be sure to check before leaving home if it is raining.

LIABILITY WAIVERS – All attendees of Fresno Audubon Society field events such as field trips and the Christmas Bird Count must sign a liability waiver to participate. The waiver you will be asked to sign can be found here. Click on the thumbnail to open the document. A single-event sign-in sheet can be found here.

FIELD TRIP LEADERS RESOURCES – Instructions for completing the waiver are found here. The signature pages are found here. Board meeting summaries can be found here.

EVENT CALENDAR – The Fresno Audubon Society event calendar is your go-to source for the latest information on field trips, birding classes, member meetings, citizen science and other activities we hold. The events include a description and a map to the meeting place as well as contact information for the event leader or organizer. The events are updated as new information is available.

The event calendar is subscribable, which allows you to integrate it into your own electronic calendar such as in Outlook, Apple and Google calendars. Just click on the “subscribe” button in the lower right corner of the calendar page.