General Meeting – Robert Groos, Wild Turkeys, up close and personal

21 Feb General Meeting – Robert Groos, Wild Turkeys, up close and personal

December 13, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Robert Groos

Wild Turkeys, Up Close and Personal

Wild Turkeys by Robert Groos

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Title: Robert Groos, Wild Turkeys, up close and personal


Description: Wild Turkeys, up close and personal


Wild Turkeys roam the foothills of Coarsegold. In early spring, an annual pageant unfolds: traveling leks of hopeful males seeking to mate with willing females. It is a wondrous exposition of biological desire, and much more. I’ve had the good fortune to observe and capture it all with photos and video. In this presentation, you will witness the phenomena of Wild Turkey leks, courtship displays, male to male combat, copulation, predation upon nests, and more. 


Don’t be a turkey and miss out on this opportunity to experience the thrill of seeing these magnificent birds at their wild best.




Robert received a PhD in French from the University of Wisconsin, became a university professor, but eventually left academia to pursue a career in computer technology consulting.


He began photographing birds in preparation for a safari in Botswana. What better way to learn how to use a camera than photographing birds, he reasoned. Birds eventually became his favorite photographic subject. “I’ve never met a bird I didn’t want to photograph,” he admits.


His photograph of a Cedar Waxwing was selected to appear in a special Audubon Photography Awards gallery of  “our favorite female bird shots 2021.”


Choosing to be a bird photographer necessitated becoming an avid birder, and that pursuit led to storytelling about his experiences observing birds.


You can read FAS member Robert Groos’ stories on his website:


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