December 2018 Board Meeting Summary

08 Jan December 2018 Board Meeting Summary

Each December, FAS by-laws require that the board conduct an evaluation of its activities for the prior year, along with holding board elections and reviewing members coming to the end of their two-year terms. The bulk of the meeting focused on these activities.  One board member, Nancy Griesser, was at the end of her two-year term, and she was re-elected to another two-year term.

Key accomplishments for the year included:

-Strategic direction committee meetings during the summer to refine how FAS plans for its future. These meetings resulted in expanding our partnering with other charitable organizations in the valley;  in 2019, we will work with the San Joaquin River Parkway to 1) hold “learn to bird” classes, and 2) conduct baseline “citizen science” surveys of River West and other strategically important parts of the river that appear to be targets of developers.

-Finance committee meetings resulted in

1) improved budgeting and financial planning,

2) budgeting for and accomplishing spending that did not dip into our strategic reserves, 

3) development of a plan to shift some unused reserves to higher interest-bearing accounts so that future generations can continue to benefit from the Martin estate legacy, and

4) holding fundraising events to accomplish annual budget goals.

The Board surveyed the membership to get feedback on communications and general direction.  As a direct result of these, you are now getting a short report of board activities at general meetings and field trips, as well as some minor changes to the way The Yellowbill is presented (to shorten it, maps are now links; and there is now a members’ photography section.

In 2019, FAS plans to launch an Instagram page for member photos.

Other topics of discussion included

  1. a discussion of whether FAS should continue merchandise sales at every general meeting; and
  2. plans for Nancy Griesser to take over membership activities in the second quarter of 2019.
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